Celebrating Formula Vees 60th Birthday and Bill’s 50th year of racing Vees!

Formula Vee

Bigger Hammer Racing is involved in Vintage Racing of Formula Vee race cars in Texas. We have FVs for rent and sale. We maintain customer cars, provide transportation to/from the track as well as crew members for races. Tracks are located in Texas and Oklahoma but trips can be arranged for other locations.

Formula Vees are single seat, mid-engine race cars. They were established as a racing class in 1963. The "formula" calls for the 1200 cc VW Beetle engine, front end and transmission. Modifications have been made over the years and different rules apply to different Clubs. Vintage clubs (CVAR, VMC, etc.) generally allow no improvements beyond 1972 or earlier. Therefore, as an example, while the fan and generator are required in Vintage racing, they have long been removed in SCCA Club racing.

Want to be a race car driver?

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Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) member since 1968
Corinthian Vintage Auto Racing (CVAR) member since 1999

  • 1973  First Drivers school.  Dallas Intl. Motor Speedway
  • 1979  First Race win.  SCCA Regional, Texas World Speedway
  • 1980  Texas Region SCCA Regional Champion
  • 1984  Texas Region SCCA Regional Champion
  • 1992  Texas Region SCCA David Engleman Award
  • 1994  Southwest Division SCCA Champion
  • 1994  Texas Region SCCA Driver of the year
  • 1994  Opened Shop in current location
  • 1996  Southwest Division SCCA Champion
  • 2001  Texas Region SCCA David Engleman Award
  • 2004  CVAR Formula Vee Champion
  • 2009  CVAR Formula Vee Champion
  • 2013  CVAR  Life Time Achievement Award
  • 2015  CVAR Formula Vee Champion
  • 2016  CVAR Formula Vee Champion
  • 2017 Bill destroys the Vee "Warrior" at MSR Houston.  Bill out of racing for seven months
  • 2020 CVAR Formula Vee Champion
  • 2020 CVAR Formula Vee Driver of the Year
  • 2021 Featured on the cover of Hot VW Magazine